Considerations to Make When Selling Your Home


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December 7, 2020

Selling your home requires many considerations through the process to ensure each decision you make is right for you and works towards meeting your objectives.

It can be both a timely and pressuring process, meaning it is important you think carefully and do your research to equip you with the knowledge you need.


Selling a property is a big step and a process littered with decisions, regardless of your situation. This means you need to take each opportunity to learn, research and do your homework to provide you with all the information you require.

There will be plenty of angles for you to gain advice from when it comes to selling your home, however, you must remember, it is your property, therefore, each decision is yours. While others may hold experience, the choices are yours.

Although people are in the business to help you with factors such as selling price, it is important to remember that they have a job to do, therefore, it is your responsibility to keep your objectives in mind.

As we mentioned, you will gain advice from those who have experience, so this experience is key. Good valuations forecasts will come from those who are local as they will know about the community, local pricing etc.

Begin by determining what price you would like for your property – afterwards, pair this figure with the advice you have earned from others and develop which price you would like to gain for your sale.

Use this to create a selling strategy. This will outline your selling objectives clearly. By developing a strategy you can establish a timeframe in which you would like to sell your property, which you can then communicate to those involved.

A clear strategy will allow the process to move along smoothly and assist with keeping your plans on track.

Do Your Research

While your mortgage valuer or estate agent may hold knowledge of the surrounding area and local prices it remains essential that you carry out your own due diligence regarding house sales and prices.

There are multiple tools available online which allow you to gain an estimate of what your house could sell for. This paired with your research of what similar houses have sold for will stand you in good stead for valuing your house at a realistic selling price.

Negotiating is expected in house sales, so don’t shy away from over-estimating the value of your house. However, remain realistic with this, as you must avoid putting potential buyers off. On the other hand, as negotiating is common, you must be mindful and prepared to modify your price accordingly.


Realistically, everyone wishes to sell their property as quickly as possible, however, it doesn’t always work this way. This means, you must be prepared for the unfortunate circumstances where you may need to lower the price of your house.

If reducing the price is not an option, removing your house from the market for a period of time and trying again after a short period of time would be a better option. This allows you to restart and reduces the risk of buyers doubting your property.


Selling a property brings opportunities and challenges. By doing your research and seeking sound advice you can reduce how daunting these challenges can be.

Gaining advice and knowledge will equip you with what you need to make decisions regarding the sale of your property. This can also increase your opportunity to achieve the best result.

Be mindful of time. If circumstances allow, then don’t rush into decisions, such as lowering prices to gain a sale. However, if your house is not selling, don’t shy away from approaching it from other angles such as removing your property from the market or decreasing the price slightly.

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