We can stop your home being repossessed

Fallen behind on mortgage payments? Drowning under piles of threatening letters? No hope of paying off your mortgage arrears? If your home is about to be repossessed you will be feeling anxious, stressed and hopeless but handing over the keys and walking away penniless isn’t your only option.

We will buy your house and pay you in cash. Our professional service can stop your house from being repossessed and sold for peanuts at auction. Easy Hose Buying can even step in when you have an eviction date looming. We offer an attractive alternative to being evicted by burly bailiffs.

Let Easy House Buying purchase your property to avoid repossession.

When a repossession order is granted, you normally get 28 days to vacate your home and may be liable for court costs. If you fail to vacate by the specified date, bailiffs will be called in to remove you from the property.

To add insult to injury you may even be charged for the bailiff’s service. At this point it’s too late to use a traditional estate agent due to their lengthy process and failure to guarantee that they will sell your home.

We pay more for your property than you will get at auction.

The cash we pay for your house can stop it being repossessed

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Need a fast solution to avoid eviction?

If you have received an eviction order you probably think it’s too late to keep the bailiffs from your door. You dread the humiliation of your neighbours watching as you and your family are forcefully evicted from your home. No matter how soon the bailiffs are due, we can step in and prevent you from being evicted. We will treat you as a priority and make you a cash offer within 24 hours.

                            You will receive the cash for your house in 7 days.            

Why settle for less when we will pay you more?

If your home is repossessed it will be sold at auction. The price you get at auction is usually well below the property’s market value, which means you may be responsible for any shortfall. During the sale period you may also find yourself liable for paying interest costs on the mortgage. When we buy your house we pay the best possible price and we pay fast.

Time is running out to get the best price for your property. To avoid repossession or eviction you need to take action now. If you don’t take control right away, it is almost certain you and your family will find yourselves being unceremoniously evicted from your home by bailiffs

Join the thousands of families who have already avoided repossession and eviction by selling their homes to Easy House Buying. Remember we take care of all the costs. This means you will end up with more funds to pay off debts and could even end up with some left over cash.

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