Inherited a property?

Unfortunately a dream home in a desirable location is rarely what we are bequeathed. You may have found yourself lumbered with a house that’s in a sad state of repair and needs bucket loads of money spent on it or a property that’s located way out in the wilderness.

Your options include moving into the property, selling it or renting it out. Leaving an inherited property vacant is asking for trouble as an empty house becomes an easy target for thieves and squatters. Insuring a vacant property is difficult and expensive too.

Dividing up an inheritance

Dividing up an estate according to the deceased’s will can be complicated and it’s advisable to seek the advice of a solicitor. The quick and easy way to distribute an inheritance among multi beneficiaries is to sell any properties that are left and split the proceeds accordingly.

The fast and easy way to sell an inherited property is through a specialist house buying company. Easy House Buying will make you a fast offer for the acquired property and get the cash to you fast. This means that all beneficiaries will quickly get a lump sum proportional to their share of the estate and are free to enjoy their windfall as they wish.

The stress free solution to selling an inherited property

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Selling your inherited property

Selling an inherited property will give you a pot of cash to enjoy. It could be the deposit you need for your dream home or the solution to paying off your existing mortgage. You could treat yourself to an exotic holiday and a new car or stash some of it away for a rainy day. Selling an inherited property can be a nightmare. If you opt for a high street estate agent there is no guarantee your property will sell. You could spend months showing potential buyers around but fail to get an offer.

If you eventually succeed in selling, you will be hit with hefty estate agent bills and legal fees. These will eat into your profits and substantially reduce your inheritance. House auctions are another option. Again you aren’t guaranteed to sell your property and must be prepared to accept well below the market value. Don’t forget to factor in fees and commission charges too.

Many people who inherit a house are eager to quickly get shut of the property along with the hassle and expense of keeping it. If there is an outstanding mortgage on your inherited property you may have to stump up for mortgage payments. You could also be liable for inheritance tax or capital gains tax. If you have acquired sitting tenants too, that’s another headache to be dealt with,

We will buy your inherited property whatever condition it’s in and pay you cash. Fast. This relieves you of the bother of spending time and money making the property attractive to potential buyers.

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