Selling your house for cash gives you a lump sum and a clean break

Planning on leaving the UK? More and more Brits are leaving the UK in search of a better life. Some of us head for sunnier shores and a new lifestyle. Others want to retire to a place in the sun and Brexit has sent many Brits packing. Whatever your reason for emigrating, you probably want to sell your house fast and head off as soon as possible with money in your pocket.

You may have considered renting out your home whilst you are away but there are a number of drawbacks and it’s probably not your best option. We offer a real solution if you want to sell your property fast. We buy all sorts of properties in any condition. We will make an offer for your property within 24 hours and get the cash into your bank account in 7 days.

Selling your house enables you to pay off the mortgage and move on

Selling your home will give you the cash you need to start your new life overseas. It also means you won’t have to worry about meeting mortgage payments.Selling through a high street estate agent is usually not the best option if you are in a rush.

You may need to put your plans on hold and be prepared for a long and expensive sales process which doesn’t guarantee a sale. The cash we pay you could be used to buy a property outright in many destinations and simply showing you have funds will help you obtain a mortgage in many countries.


We have helped hundreds of clients to sell their house and emigrate

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Why renting your house out is a bad idea

If you have a mortgage on your property it may be difficult to manage this from overseas. You also need to bear in mind that your lender may hike up the interest rate as your mortgage status would change from residential to buy-to-let. Insurance is another headache. You would need to obtain permission from your insurer to rent and would pay an increased premium.

Imagine if your tenants stopped paying the rent or trashed your home. Renting from afar is not as easy as it looks and property management companies don’t come cheap. Add up the costs of property management, repairs and mortgage payments and you probably won’t see much of the rental income.

Don’t leave your house empty

Leaving a property empty is not a great idea. A vacant property is vulnerable. You could find yourself struggling to evict squatters who have moved in during your absence. An empty house is also an attractive target for thieves; which is why you will find it difficult to obtain insurance for a vacant property. If you do find a willing insurer you can expect to pay hefty premiums.

Isn’t cash in the bank more useful than an empty property?

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