Easy House Buying offer a fast fix to the financial fallout of divorce.

Divorce or the end of a civil partnership is not only one of life’s most traumatic events; it’s also a hugely challenging time financially. Legal fees quickly mount up, lifestyle changes eat away at your budget and starting again doesn’t come cheap. Practical discussions about money matters often deteriorate into bitter arguments which don’t result in effective solutions to your financial problems. Many divorced people find themselves struggling to pay the costs of their divorce for years after they have separated.

Figuring out what to do about the family home is stressful but unfortunately part and parcel of most separations. We understand the difficulty you are having in making sound decisions for yourself and any children, when you are feeling emotionally drained. Our friendly team will help and advise you through our hassle free house buying solution.

Our house buying service is your key to a brighter future

Selling the family home is a big step and the thought of leaving your house may be daunting. It’s important to stay positive and look forward to the bright new start we can offer. However hopeless you are feeling, remember you do have options. How about downsizing, renting for a while or buying a property you can renovate to your taste?

Selling the house will give you a clean break and could enable you to move closer to family and supportive friends. It means that you can leave behind unhappy memories and escape from the battle scene of bitter disputes. 

The cash we pay for your house could be your deposit for a new home.          

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Wouldn’t selling your home for cash be a dream come true?

Divorce forces some serious decisions regarding your home. Can you afford to stay in the house? Could you continue to keep up the mortgage repayments and running costs? Sadly in most cases the answer is no. The perfect solution could be to sell the jointly owned property and both move out. Selling through a traditional estate agent however, is stressful, time consuming and costly; with no guarantee that your home will be bought.

We offer the fastest and most professional home buying service. This means you will benefit from a hassle free process and get the best possible price for your property.

We pay cash for your property within 7 days enabling you to move on faster.

Sell your house for cash and move on

A quick cash sale means that you will have funds in the bank within a week. This enables you both to move on with the minimum stress and disruption to yourselves and any children. The cash we pay for your house can go a long way towards paying off debts, acquiring a new home and giving you the fresh start you deserve. You can join the thousands of families we have helped to move on after divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership.

We Pay For Everything

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