We make it easier for you to move on after bereavement

We understand just how traumatic the death of a loved one is. You are probably in a state of emotional turmoil and feeling physically drained. You don’t have the strength or stamina to even contemplate moving house. The thought of selling your home so quickly after losing your partner can feel overwhelming. Our sympathetic advisers will help to make selling your property fast and simple. We offer an attractive alternative to the lengthy, expensive and stressful home selling process offered by traditional estate agents.

Overcoming financial problems caused by a death

We know how difficult it can be to make sound decisions after bereavement. Whatever your situation is, we have the best solution to any financial problems resulting from the loss of your loved one.If your partner was the main bread winner, it may be financially impossible for you to stay put and you may need to consider downsizing.

Perhaps you need to sell the property and divide assets according to a will. Gaining control of your finances will help you to make the best decisions for moving on and starting to enjoy life again. Your loved one would be proud of your strength, resilience and determination to survive.

We pay cash for your house so that you can move on easier after a loss.

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Time to sell your home and move on

Maybe the house is now too big for you. Perhaps you are considering downsizing to a cosy flat, moving to a retirement village or opting for the added security of sheltered accommodation. You may be staying with friends or relatives but fear outstaying your welcome and becoming a permanent fixture.

Perhaps you don’t feel able to return to a house that holds so many memories or simply wish to move closer to family members or supportive friends. When we buy your house you benefit from a fast cash payment. You avoid the arduous and expensive sales process offered by typical estate agents. We will make you an offer within 24 hours of viewing your property.

Cash paid for your house can be in your bank account as quickly as one week.

Need a fast and simple way to settle your affair and get instant cash

We can’t replace your loved one but we can help you move on and enjoy the new life of your choice. We enable you to easily divide up inheritances, downsize, pay off any debts and do the things you dream of doing; without worrying about money. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting your loved one and we encourage you to keep some mementos of your loved one and bring a few keepsakes when you move to your new home. Couldn’t you benefit from some sympathetic advice on selling your house for cash without further stress and hassle?

We Pay For Everything

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