Choosing the Right Colours for Selling your Home


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November 20, 2020

Not everyone shares the same taste. What you think looks great may not appeal to someone else. We recommend that when you begin the venture to sell your home you start by freshening it up with a few coats of paint. Previously, we suggested sticking to neutral colours, but this doesn’t mean solely focussing on white and beige – that’s too boring.

You can keep a calm and attractive ambience by using subtle tones of different colours to spruce up your property before it hits the market. Bring it into 2020 by researching current trends. By opting for what is popular you will modernise your house, meanwhile, not overpowering it with personality.

We have some suggestions.



Even in 2020 grey continues to be a popular colour no matter the shade. Grey is the perfect colour to create a subtle impact on a room or to pair with bolder colours to create focal points within a room.

Grey is also a great colour to create an expensive appeal of a room as it couples well with accessories.

Using only natural colours such as white can really create a coldness in a room, specifically if it is empty due to selling. By adding a soft tone of grey you can easily bring a warmness to the room and build a better atmosphere.

Brown, Cream or White

Subtle colours such as shades of browns, creams and whites can really give warmth to a room. These colours are specifically popular in bedrooms, giving a cosy atmosphere, allowing buyers to envision their future living here.

Ensure you don’t opt for deep shades as these can give the illusion of making a room smaller – something you don’t want when selling a house.

White is a trusted, safety colour for freshening up a house, presenting it as spacious and clean, hence, many people revert to it when decorating for a sale.

Soft Blue

People often try to stay away from blue around the house as it has connotations of being a cold colour. This may be true, but when used correctly, blue can really add a fantastic feeling to a room.

By choosing a softer shade of blue you can settle a room. Lighter shades of blue have been found to offer a calmness, making it perfect for bedrooms.


The right shade of green can really bring a rich feeling to a room. Much like blue you want to avoid bright shades of this colour, however, by choosing a light green or a deep shade you bring the outdoors in. These shades bring an ora that reminds people of nature, lifting their mood.


Redecorating your house for sale is not the time to be brave and bold with colours. You want to be as calm and subtle as possible, whilst not sticking to the same colour throughout the full house.

More often than you think, people wish to take their time decorating when they first move into a property. This means when they are on the hunt they are going to opt for the freshest decor with colours that pair easily with their possessions.

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