Areas of Consideration When Selling Your Property


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May 8, 2021

Selling your property can be a challenge, but it is a task that doesn’t need to come with a headache. The key to increasing the appeal of your property lies in your ability to plan. By developing a plan, you can improve areas of your property gradually, increasing the value and attractiveness of your property.

The focus of your plan should be centred around which areas you can comfortably give TLC to, and which areas require worthwhile improvement. Improving your property for sale is about being wise with time and money spent, after all, you are aiming to make a profit, not a loss.

Throughout the years, we have witnessed which areas act as key influencers to the successful sale of a property. These factors are outlined throughout this article.


Like with anything related to property, location is golden. A great property location will act as a selling factor within itself, bringing your property a great advantage. Pairing your property location with a strong letting agent, equipped with local knowledge, will set your sale in good stead for success.

With an in-depth knowledge of the area, your letting agent will have the ability to demonstrate the most gripping factors the property’s location has to offer a potential buyer. Meanwhile, their experience will provide them with the ability to attract the correct market to the property by communicating its location as a key selling point.


We’ve said it before and we will say it again, first impressions matter. Your goal is to display the best points of your property, using them to increase appeal. By freshening up the decor within your property you can give your property a new lease of life. This will ultimately make the impression of your property more attractive to a buyer.


Whilst focussing your refreshening efforts on the interior of your property it is equally important to give attention to the exterior. By tidying the garden or outdoor space of your property, your potential market will receive the property better.

Concentrating some of your efforts on the garden can be enhanced by freshening the exterior of your property, such as: the guttering, the exterior walls etc. These are the aspects of your property a potential buyer will see on arrival, providing them with their first impression.

By demonstrating a fresh and tidy exterior of your property as well as interior your market will effectively demonstrate the value of your property and potentially increase interest from your market.


Property price is always a touchy subject and as the owner of a property it can be hard to set emotions and connections aside. It is important, however, that as a seller you hold the aim of stopping these factors interfering in the selling of your property.

It is vital you price your property realistically and in line with the surrounding market. By deviating away from these you risk your property sitting on the market for a long period of time. Ultimately, this can cost you more in the long run, therefore, it is important to avoid this risk. Your selling team will be equipped with people who can advise you on appropriate pricing for your property should you find it difficult to settle on an asking price.


People sell properties for many different reasons. A reason presented by many is their need/feeling ready to move onto something new, something smaller, something bigger etc. Understandably, with this, it can become easy to avoid furthering your spend on your current property. This can present its own challenges though.

By avoiding spending money on your property you could potentially create a bigger problem or hassle for yourself in the period of selling. Many are looking for a property that is ready, a property that comes flooded with value and opportunity. A property loaded with repair needs will not appeal to a large part of your market (it will still appeal to us.)

Avoiding the need to perform repairs and renovations, many potential buyers will decline the opportunity of purchasing your property. To mitigate this, tackling small and immediate renovations can potentially increase the value and appeal of your property. A property with little work needing done is a property with a higher chance of selling.


Property selling is a game of patience, numbers and leads. Without these, your property sale will ultimately fail to sell.

Selling your property is a commitment that needs to be treated with close attention and analysation. Developing a plan of action can help your property sale progress to each step, relieving some stress.

By focusing energy and understanding into selling your property you can effectively demonstrate its value to potential buyers.

Freshening your property and communicating its USPs can enhance your selling opportunities when your property goes to market.

Detailing and focusing on key aspects of your property paired with a well structured price will contribute greatly to the sale of your property and potentially bring you to success.

Disclaimer: This is information based on our knowledge gained throughout years of experience, education and learnings. This information is open to interpretation, therefore, you must carry out your own due diligence regarding the subject.

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