Selling Your Property To Pay Off Debts


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September 17, 2008

Debt is horrible. Whether it’s £100 or £100,000 no-one wants debt. It’s not nice to know that you have an obligation every month to pay someone for something.

Statistics say that:

  • 276 people are declared insolvent or bankrupt every day.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau dealt with 4,322 new debt problems every day during the month of October in 2017.
  • 18 properties are repossessed every day.

This means that every 6 minutes a person is declared insolvent/bankrupt in the UK; this is a horrible statistic.

Unfortunately, due to inflation and no increase in wages the everyday person on the street is paying the price just trying to keep their head above water.

This is where we can help!

We have helped many people in difficult debt situations by purchasing their property from them, for cash, allowing them to pay off their debt.

Why is this a good option?

Since we were born, we have been told continually that we need to own our own home and get on the property ladder, but actually, sometimes that’s not the best idea. The cost of upkeep, bill payments, not to mention just paying the mortgage every month, can be too much to handle.

Selling your property for cash can allow you to pay off your debts, have some money in the bank, and enough to rent a property and take the stress off for a little bit. Let yourself relax and enjoy life for a while.

Also, with our strategic partners we can help you manage your debt issues as well as help you to make sure that everything is taken care of and that you can restart fresh!

What could some extra money do for you? What could you do?…

  • Take a nice long holiday?
  • Treat yourself to that little present you’ve always wanted to get?
  • Treat your children to a weekend away at a theme park they deserve?

Don’t suffer in debt any longer!

If you think that it could help to clear your debts by selling your house to Easy House Buying for cash then please do get in touch, to get an entirely free quote.

If nothing else we can try and introduce you to some of our partners that might be able to help you.

Trade this stress for the life you’ve always wanted! Get in touch today!


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