5 Tips for Preparing your Home for a Sale


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October 27, 2020

Selling your home can be a timely process, endless viewings, countless questions and then choosing the right offer. By following our 5 tips for preparing your home for a sale you can speed up the process of finding a buyer.


No one likes a messy home. If you have ever explored Pinterest, visited a show home or read an interior design magazine then you’ll be aware that the best way to sell is by having a clean, clutter free home.

Keeping your home spotless and clean is important. This will open up the appeal of your home and make it more inviting. Ensure you remove the potential for any unpleasant smells such as pet beds, bowls toys etc.

Don’t cook any foods that hold a lingering smell in the days before a viewing. This can be off putting.

By choosing not to overload your home with furniture, photos and ornaments etc you open up the space, allowing your home to appear bigger. Through displaying your home in this

way you allow your potential buyers to envision their own family and personal touches in the space.

Paint Your Walls

There’s no need to go all out with redecorating, however, we believe by painting your home in neutral colours you can add a hint of freshness, creating great appeal.

By giving your home a fresh coat of paint in neutral colours you take away your own personalisation of the property and enable your viewers to imagine their own touch.


You’re selling your house for it to become someone’s home and what is important in a home is space for a person’s life. Lots of people have personal possessions that hold great meaning and they look for somewhere safe to keep these.

Meanwhile, they are also looking for storage space for other items, such as clothing etc.

This means it is especially important that whilst on your tour you highlight and demonstrate the storage capacity of your house.


A photographer’s trick – lighting is everything. Show it off in it’s best light – natural light. Let in as much as you possibly can. This will highlight the key features of each room, enhancing focal points.

If you are selling in winter months when the availability of natural light is limited, use lamps. Create an ambience using tall floor lamps and table lamps. However, as before, ensure not to over-do it as you must remain cautious of cluttering.

Don’t overlook the little jobs

It’s easy to become blind to the little jobs. Take a tour of your house as though you were the buyer. Notice anything? Perhaps there is a loose door handle or a sticky tap?

Work through your to-do-list of little tasks and you will improve your sales opportunities.

Don’t leave all the focus to the inside of your property. Outside holds just as much appeal. Afterall, first impressions matter. Tidy up your garden, take out those weeds, paint your fence. This will set the tone for the tour.


Little tweaks can make a big difference to the sale of your home. By making slight alterations you can dramatically increase the appeal of your property. Intriguing more buyers.

Decluttering and cleaning your home offers up more space, allowing your buyer to envision living there and the property’s potential. Meanwhile, adding a new coat of paint in a subtle colour adds a freshness.

Highlighting the storage space of your property is important. This demonstrates the property truly is spacious, not just in floor space – something handy for families.

Place some focus on your to-do-list. Tackle the little jobs and spruce up the garden, this will offer a good impression of the property.

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